Hammond's Candies Since 1920

Hammond’s Candies Since 1920 II, LLC has acquired the assets of Hammond’s Candies Since 1920, LLC in a corporate sale and merger transaction. Goldblum Lentz & Co represented Hammond’s Candies Since 1920, LLC as financial advisor in the aforementioned transaction.


Hammond’s Candies Since 1920 is the premier hand made hard candy manufacturer in the United States. Hammond’s produces a complete line of candy products, with its principal product being hand made, old fashioned, hard candy. The Company also has chocolate, caramel and marshmallow product lines.


The Company’s lollipops, candy canes and ribbon candies are highly differentiated and well known, due to constant exposure in the best known gourmet and upscale gift outlets and catalogs.


With an 86-year history of manufacturing hand-made, old-fashioned candy, Hammond’s has built a national network of customers who rely on Hammond’s to provide them with all different types of candy. Led by its candy cane product, Hammond’s provides dozens of different types of hard candy. In addition, Hammond’s offers a line of high quality chocolate and soft candy products, all of which are manufactured exclusively at its facility in Denver, Colorado, which is also one of the most visited candy “factory tours” in the nation.


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